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About Ring 239

The history of Ring239

As remembered by Mike Plog, one of the charter members.

It was in the mid 1970s. Champaign had started a magic club, which would soon be an IBM Ring. I had moved from Champaign to Decatur. Decatur had IBM Ring 14. That made it the 14th club of the IBM, one of the very early Rings. Unfortunatly Decatur no longer has a ring, Mike Stratman was president of the Decatur Ring. Steve Steer and Stan Burris were interested in starting a club in Springfield. They had talked with Andy Dallas in Champaign and Mike Stratman in Decatur. They were getting information about how to start a Ring, details of the procedures.

In 1976 I moved to Springfield. That same year, we formed Ring 239. Somewhere I have a picture of Steve, Stan, and me holding the charter for our Ring. I'm not sure where the charter is now.

We met in Stan Burris' house in the early days. We also met at the Alzina building, perhaps some church, and somewhere else before going to the MacFarland Zone Center. Most were not very satisfying for our purposes. John Brownback, one of the early members of the club, got us into MacFarland and we were there for a long time. They had a very nice library with plenty of space for meetings, lectures, etc. They also had a stage and we performed for the residents a few times as a thanks for the free meeting space.

I think it was Eldon who got us into the Hoogland--could be wrong here. Anyway, it is a great home for us with the theater , etc.