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  Lecture Topics

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1. Ninja Rings/Thimbles/ Coin Matrix

Shoot will demonstrate and teach several of his hallmark signature effects that have brought him worldwide fame and multiple 1st place awards. These include his Ninja Rings, along with his color changing Thimbles, and award winning Coin Matrix. Guests will receive a close-up view of these very visual routines and learn ideas which will help performances and inspire their own creations.

2. Creativity and Inspiration

Shoot will begin his lecture performing several magic routines from his personal repertoire and teach them. These include new close-up routines mostly with cards and coins. Attendees will learn how to perform them, their inspiration, his thinking behind the effects, and in some cases alternative methods depending on your skill level.

3. Blue

This is Shoot's newest trick which he plans to roll out at this year’s FISM. It is a surprising routine that uses a clever gimmick: A Gem clip suddenly changes into a rubber band and then changes into binder clip. Shoot will also demonstrate how this effect can also be combined with cards for clever card routining.

4. Cube

A surprising effect with any type of card, this is easy and very effective especially with business cards.

5. How to train yourself in magic

Shoot will talk about his own training regimen and demonstrate his daily warm up exercises. He will also discuss tips to develop your own personal regimen based on the type of magic you do.